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ObarO Vision Statement:

Guide the ObarO Ranch enterprise, its historical treasures, its aesthetic beauty, its livestock, and its natural resources to be an eternal, respected and appreciated icon in Arizona’s ranching heritage over multiple generations.

OBarO Mission Statement:

To be professional stewards of a sustainable enterprise through financially focused, compassionate rangeland and water resource management practices providing optimum equal benefits to livestock and wildlife while endeavoring to deliver an educational opportunity and positive western life experience for family, friends and associates of the OBarO Ranch.

Proud History

Promising Future

The O Bar O Ranch lies in the northern end of Sulphur Springs Valley and at the foot of Graham Mountain. The area is rich in history with prehistoric Indian ruins, old homesteads and stage stops. There was an old cavalry fort adjacent to the ranch and Billy the Kid killed his first man in nearby Bonita. This is one of the most historic areas in Arizona.

The ranch has a very productive history as a livestock operation. It also has a tremendous amount of recreational opportunities. The area offers hunting, hiking, horseback riding and wildlife viewing. The elevation and climate combine to make this an ideal place to live.

Our History

Rich in history, the area near O Bar O Ranch has seen the likes of early territorial settlers, Billy the Kid and other colorful figures.

Ancient Beginnings

early 1800s

The area around what is now O Bar O is rich in history, beginning as prehistoric Indian ruins, old homesteads and stage stops.

Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid


Billy the Kid, the outlaw and gunfighter of the Old West, killed his first man in nearby Bonita, Arizona.

O Bar O


The O Bar O brand was born when partners known as Cook and Johnson bought several small ranches at Stockton Pass, near Wilcox, Arizona.

Lane Family


Joe Lane Sr. and his son, Joe Jr., bought the O Bar O Ranch from Hub Russell, beginning the family's long stewardship and modernization of the ranch.

Present Day Ownership


The ObarO was acquired by two long time Arizona Farming Families in 2005. During the initial evaluation and planning stages, the families agreed to a management plan that placed a priority on conservation and preservation of its natural resources, setting, and habitats. The ObarO is operated today as a GAP certified livestock operation with an absolute commitment to range management, water conservation, and wildlife habitat development.

OBarO Limousin Cattle
Limousin Cattle


The 38,000+ acre ``all-natural`` ranch has a productive heard of Limousin cattle.


Our Story

The O Bar O Ranch is approximately 110 miles east of Tucson and 200 miles southeast of Phoenix. The nearest cities are Willcox (32 miles) and Safford (35 miles). There is paved access to the ranch via State Highway 266.
The O Bar O Ranch has a more mild climate than Arizona’s urban areas. Winter daytime temperatures are in the mid 60’s with nighttime lows in the 30’s. Summer daytime temperatures are in the 90’s with evening lows in the 60’s. Annual rainfall averages approximately 13 inches. The elevation of the ranch varies from 4,500 to 7,500 feet above sea level.

The lower elevations consist of high desert grassland and upper elevations are composed of juniper-oak woodland. Perennial grass species are grama, cottontop, lovegrass and a diversity of other native grasses.

The O Bar O Ranch has been divided into 20 pastures to allow for an effective grazing program that benefits both the livestock and the native rangeland.

The ranch has an excellent water system with approximately 20 miles of pipeline and numerous large storage tanks. Both springs and wells are utilized to supply the pipelines. There are thirty earthen stock ponds that also provide water throughout the ranch.

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Our Brand

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